About The Artist

When did you know you had a passion for photography? Ask any photographer this question, and you can almost guarantee that you will get the same answer from each one: ‘From the time I was a small child’ or ‘I have always loved photography’. It’s like a copy and paste statement that is spoken by every photographer. While I do believe comes naturally at a very young age, how predictable and boring is that?!

Sound familiar? It seems to be the standard answer! So, I won’t bore you with the same old answer you have seen and heard before! Instead of boring you with facts about me, the certified professional photographer, I will bore you with some fun trivia about me, the person. Ready?

Question: What do you love?

Answer: I am so glad you asked.

Top of my list – I love God and my family. Without them, I am nothing.

Other loves and faves? I better bullet point so I don’t talk your ear off! (or eyes, in this case)

• Coffee. Any coffee. Love my coffee! Iced breve is my favorite. Don’t forget the extra shot of espresso! Yum!

• Music –most genres. It just makes my heart happy. Country is my favorite.

• Dancing – seems logical, since I love music, right? Dancing can change any mood, and uplift spirits. Great for the soul!

• My dogs – the love of a dog is so unconditional. We humans can learn a thing or two from the loyalty of a dog. Love one another and just get along. My labs are the best, and they love me even when I am singing, dancing and embarrassing them. What more can I ask for?

• My cat – she plays fetch! Seriously, she thinks she is a dog!

• Sitting in public and just watching people. Seriously, people are so funny sometimes. (Yes, I am one of those who get a kick out of watching other’s quirks and idiosyncrasies. I am a people person!)

• Learning – I don’t care what I learn about, as long as I am learning something.

• Cooking and entertaining – I love great food, and I love sharing great food. (There is the people person side of me again!)

• Wine – Love a great wine. I am more of a semi-sweet type of wine person. I haven’t learned the palette of the dry ones yet…maybe someday. Then again, maybe not.

• Changing my hair color – I get bored with the same hair color all the time…maybe that’s the artist in me. Or the slight ADD side of me. Let’s go with the artist in me. I like that answer.

• Huskers! GBR! Love my huskers!

• Life – Simply put, I love life. Life is too short to get caught up in the little things that are stressors. I much prefer to live and enjoy each day.

• Photography – I love every aspect of it. Preserving moments in time. The current that that will become a faded memory, only to become full of life again when holding that image that brings back floods of memories. (you knew I was going to add photography in somewhere, didn’t you? I can’t help it…)

Question: Do you really know what you are doing, or do you just have a camera and push a button and take ‘pictures’?

Answer: I really know what I am doing. I really do! Yes, I have a camera, but I don’t just take ‘pictures’. I create art out of the moments of life. Life goes by in a blink; children grow and change, family members leave, special moments we think we will never forget suddenly seem to fade in our minds. Generations past present and future all cherish the same thing: portraits of family, of moments, gatherings, of memories. Anyone with a decent camera can get lucky and get a ‘good enough’ image every now and then. I guarantee them every time. I am a Certified Professional Photographer.

Question: What does the title ‘Certified Professional Photographer’ mean?

Answer: Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) is a title that I hold with pride. This is not something that just anyone can claim and hold. As a CPP, we are held to a higher standard, and taken education to a higher level. We are tested on technical skills and knowledge in both written exams and submitting a body of our work to be judged and critiqued.

CPP gives the assurance that I have the skills, knowledge and expertise to create and achieve beautiful, quality images and art for you every time, in any circumstance. You will have a strong collection of artistic images that tell your story, not a few lucky snapshots that are just ‘ok’ or ‘good’. Anyone can take a ‘good’ picture every now and then. Do you really want to take that chance with your life’s moments and memories? I know I don’t. My family, my life, my memories are far too important and precious to just settle for the ‘ok’ or ‘good enough’ images.

Enough of the boring, technical stuff! That last question was important to answer, and I want you to have beautiful, timeless works of art that you proudly display on the walls of your home, in your office, and share with your family and friends. Let’s talk! I would love to be your photographer, your ‘go to’ when life’s moments are happening, and far to precious to let pass by, or to only have an ok memory of!

Have any questions you want to ask? Shoot me a message, I would love to chat!